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Med Charges provides accurate and ensures no lost or missed charges with a wide spectrum of services for supporting healthcare processes, Practice management of Providers and clinics, Software Applications, tools and solutions for Healthcare domain.

About Us

Medical charges are referred as ‘Med-Charges’, was founded by Dr. Sam Alnajjar to focus on development of desktop and mobile software and application products in medical area. Company’s Headquarters is in Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.

A high quality in research and development technology with professionals, we have built the software based on the self-experience. We have enhanced the customer experience by providing all necessary services to medical group members as part of an integrated health center system. This system will be scalable to ultimately support a network of geographically separated clinics and hospitals.

Med-Charges provides wide spectrum of services as development and integration of Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Records, Development and integration for supporting healthcare processes, Practice management of Providers and clinics, Software Applications, tools and solutions for Healthcare domain.

The only app you will need for Charge Capture

Med Charges application enhances the clinical workflow and improves doctor productivity and effectiveness. We boost the accuracy and ensuring no lost charges. We enable the user to save time and cost, enhance revenue, reducing claim rejections and spend on unnecessary billing costs.

Charge Capture
Charge Capture
Patient charges can be captured with minimal clicks
Patient Tracking
Patient Tracking
All locations and patient details on your figure tips
Service Schedule
Service Schedule
Daily routine is pre planned and no hurtle needed
Doctor Productivity can be managed and tracked to upskill their productivity
Instant Communication
Instant Communication
Enables the user to communicate with all the users in the group
Customize the groups, themes and much more as per your requirement

Charge Capture

The health care professional’s diary for making it easier to provide patients
more accurate support and More efficiency with better collaboration.

Patient Management

Patient can be easily tracked with the location and providers. Adding Patient details is made user friendly and time saving, once patient is admitted and discharged next time patient visits the doctor he can be added easily with simple clicks. Adding Patient charges is made easier by creating shortcuts, provider can add the charges by making the CPT and ICD10 codes as favorites with single click. Patient actions is made simpler with single clicks, provider can add the patient notes, charges, transfer patient to different provider and discharge.

Schedule Management

User can effortlessly schedule his day, week and month and need not think of anything rather than viewing the RCRN Charge Capture application to understand his appointments and schedules. Adding schedules is even more personalized with our application and allows the user to add all kind of schedules as Patient appointment /surgery, meetings, Events and vacations. Schedules can be added for all the group members / colleagues, this would enable the user to get more tracking over the daily routine and enhance the productivity.


RCRN Charge Capture provides a huge availability, and HIPAA compliant messaging feature which enables the user to communicate easily and share the reports and other details with a secured feature. This also enables the user to track down the messages, reports, video and voice recording of the users. All the actions would be single click actions and would enable the user to save more time on the details communicated.

Revenue Calculator

Providers can easily track the charges added to their patient. Charges added to the patient can be tracked easily by locations. Adding Patient charges is made easier and user friendly by saving time. Patient charges can be added in 3 clicks. Charges added to the patient automatically calculates the revenue and provides a detailed report with the charges added and the revenue generated. Provider can also track his charges on daily basis and also compare his/her revenue weekly/monthly and yearly basis, this would also enable the provider to enhance the revenue.

What are Charge Capture?

Charge capture is a process used by doctors and other health care providers so that they get paid for their services. One of the big variables in charge capture among medical practices is the way in which doctors record and transfer this information. Medical Charges allows physicians to capture charges at the point of care and ensures all data captured and is maintained in integrity and communicated in a form that enables staff and the other systems to effectively carry out their duties.

How to add patient

Patients can be added in minimal clicks and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

How to add charges

Adding charges is easier than ever, to ensures no lost or missed charges and it would also auto generate appropriate CPT Codes to the charges added.

How to add schedules

Daily Schedules can be designed prior to manage the daily routine which helps you to track and manage various schedules like service, event, meeting and vacation.

The app is available for

Your free trial of the Med-Charges charge capture system can be set up in less than 24 hours.


The application was able to manage my original expectations. The team was effective in completing the queries. I am thrilled to manage and made my work easier. I would recommend all my counter parts to get in use and manage their patients and schedules.
Wesley M. Spahr
They performed in all aspects outstandingly. I have no lost charges after using this application. I am able to track and mange my day with this application brilliantly. As a doctor if I need to attend a meeting, I was not aware hoe to get prepared, by using this application I am able to manage more efficiently and accurately.
Willard J. Grogan
Mobile application was more specialized, time saving, and a detailed app and a fully featured that helps my co-workers to track the patient notes and also, I am able to transfer patient details from home where my co-workers are extensive in treating the patient and their needs.
Richard X. Lawrence
Family Physician

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